Kreon - Jack Ep

The German label Cecille Numbers is back! In their 4th release they bring back Markos Spanoudakis aka Kreon, one of the producers of the year. The Greek shows once again a pack of groovy productions with 3 tracks made to delight us all.
The Ep starts with Jauce, a very funky track with a stunning shaking beat and some vocals that will turn the dancefloor crazy! It’s definitely a track turned up to sexy deep house flavors but somehow, it would adapt just fine to a morning minimal party! In the b side we have “Clorpe”, this time with the kind of rhythm that we support here in minimaland! A deep track build up step by step, with the different elements appearing one by one in the proper time. This is the kind of groove that we are in to, so it’s easily our favorite track of the Ep. To end this sweet release we have “Just Jack” with some sassy soul vocals and a great bassline beat, a house tune, once again, turned to morning party’s. It’s a nice shake but it doesn’t properly fit in minimaland patterns!
Despite the house convergence, we can’t say that this is a bad release… the level of production is well above the average and the kind of productions is somehow different and tasty! “Clorpe” is the most shiniest track of the Ep, full support!

a1 - Jauce
b1 - Clorpe
b2 - Just Jack

Rls Date: 10.11.2008


Rievaulx - Ghosts In The Machine

We were already missing Kickboxer’s releases! This parent label of Boxer Recording has presented us some pretty nice releases like Haito & Diringer - Perception and Matzak - Might is Right. Now, after 3 months of absence, they release their 22rd edition with Rievaulx ( aka Bryan J Robsan, one part of Solaris Heighs) leading the decks. It’s this guy’s - UK based - debut and he got in to the scene in the most perfect way.
Rievaulx makes me remind producers like Gabriel Ananda and Dominik Eulberg, he bets a lot in deep melodies and some twisted neuro environments around them. “Animo” is the perfect example of it, it has great chords, a tremendous deep housy beat and a neurotic melody able to make you mad while you listen it! Sweet sweet theme! In the b side appears “Boxing Shadows”, the greatest track of the Ep. The melody is very groove, the minimal techno 4×4 high pace beat that begins around 1:14 minutes it’s devastating. It makes the junction of the different pieces seem perfect. I hadn’t listened a track like this for a while now, it’s a beautiful track made to touch our souls but also to make us dance.
Easily the best release i listened this month! Don’t miss this one, for your own mind health!

a1 - Animo
b1 - Boxing Shadows

Rls Date: 27.10.2008

Gregorythme - Square Roots Ep

From the legendary Cadenza duo Digitaline comes this Swiss producer Gregorythme. In his second release this year and debuting for Minimood (Berlin/Lausanne based label) he shows an irresistible minimality on his grooves that we had to support! The Ep has two original tracks and a remix performed by Tokyo based So Inagawa.
Square Roots Ep starts with “Besides B-sides”, a track that we can connect to what Digitaline normaly does. The beat, drums and the fabulous Chords are very Cadenza like! It’s a fantastic minimal installment track that will acid you up in the dancefloor. Next So Inagawa shows up to deliver a trippy tech-house remix… it’s also a great groovy track with an insistent percussion and some great bassline getting along with a neurotic organ that will make your mind fly into another state of consciousness. This guy is one of Minimood’s permanent artists, he is making top productions, and this remix is the greatest example of that fact! Lastly, b2 track, the original “So Low in Oslo” is the shiniest piece of this Ep. It’s also another deep minimal turn-on, reminding me a lot Villalobo’s epic productions! ” dripping with sleazy laziness this track is a shuffling monster of maxed-out understatement. as bewildering as it is brilliant, this is another fine example of MINIMOOD’s ability to push, produce and bend the boundaries of today’s scene.”
A must have to all-minimal supporters, to be release in the first days of December.

a1. besides b-sides
b1. so slow in oslo (so inagawa’s too fast in tokyo remix)
b2. so slow in oslo

Rls Date: 1.12.2008


Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector - Slab City Ep

Following their debut joint EP on Contexterrior, Belgian duo Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector return home to their own ToysForBoys label for another collaborative EP. Sam - resident of Berlin’s Tresor - is definitely one of the producers of the year, he has been making very good tracks - most of theme with Bloody Mary. This new work with Marcus is another major key on his career with three tools that you’ll all like!
Opening up there’s Slab City, a genuine peace of good minimal techno, with an excellent rhythm and a awesome pack of tribal drums that will make you feel an enjoyable vibe! Next there’s “Parole”, another perfectly executed minimal production, this time with some electro sounds to come along… In the B side the owner of Upon You, formerly part of Pan-Pot, Marco Resmann aka Phage shows up to build a different view for “Parole”. He inputs another vibe to the track, giving it a schizophrenic dimension and a very dark feeling. If i had to rate this remix I would give it an “A”, the production is excelent, the way the different pieces enter in the track is brilliant and the global feeling of the track is so hypnotic that probably will make you insane!

a1. Slab City
a2. Parole
b1. Parole (Marco Resmann remix)

Rls Date: 27.10.2008

Mathias Kaden - Moron

Mathias Kaden is back to Vakant records, a German Berlin based label for minimal techno run by Alex Knoblauch and Stephan Bolch, one of our favorites. In his first release this year for them he shined up with two long length minimal tracks, huge bombs I must say! In the a-side you will listen “Moron”, a great turn-on reminding me some productions of Mr. Villalobos - the bass variances are wicked and the rhythm is perfect to dance. It’s really a brilliant construction, showing us why he has such great reputation among the techno mnml scene. B side presents “Shetani” clearly going to deeper spaces. The beat is not as pumpy as the first, going through a deep construction! Once again, Kaden bets on worked bass variances (maybe he has been listening Villa, no?)! When the beat starts to uprise and then going down you’ll get a great different feeling about this! It’s really a worked Ep, with tracks that don’t bet on fashionable music, it’s just the deepest minimal you can have, with the kind of rhythms that can be only listened in the best guys of the scene! Kaden is definitely one of the greatest producers among this kind of music, one of the greatest Vakant bets! Huge EP!

a1 - Moron
b1 - Shetani

Rls Date: 03.11.2008

Philip Flindt - Or Wha

It took me a long time to decide what to post here… the releases this week weren’t that great but, fortunately this EP came up, it’s easily the best think i listened in the last days. I didn’t knew the producer yet but after a small search I can tell you that Philip Flindt is a Copenhagen - Denmark - based producer and this is his 2nd release. Both have been brought up by Freunde Tontraeger, a very promising label! The released is composed by one original track “Or Wha” and two remixes featuring Monoroom and Nils Nilson, two guys that know what techno music is all about!
The original is a grooving minimal track with a powerful bassline and lots of energy to full-fill the crowd’s expectations. The emotions just keep going high and low during it. It’s a top production full of quality moments. Nils Nilson remix is also a great one, building a step-by-step track with all the sounds entering one by one, in the right time… it improves a lot the first one, giving it a greater minimal flavor. Last but not the least we have Monoroom’s work, turning the original completely upside down! This is a great approach to the track, Frank Nova & Oliver Schleenvoigt used their normal deep lines to built a rather minimal installment, the rhythm is the best you can have in this kind of music! The pace is awesome, the horns were excused! Release nr 7 on Freunde Tontraeger, another must have to all musical collectors.

a1 - Or Wha (Original)
a2 - Or Wha (Nils Nilson rmx)
b1 - Or Wha (Monoroom rmx)

Rls Date: 03.12.2008

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