Ambivalent - R u Ok?

I'm sorry to insist on presenting so many releases from m_nus... but they are unstopable. Ambivalent - new york city based - fits the labels performances. his music has been played by Hawtin's, Troy Pierce or Magda in the last few months. "R u Ok" ... is a great neurotic ride, full of dark and hypno feelings along with a great voice just giving the punch when it's needed. What a great music. "Nugget" is also a great music, acid reverbs and sweet pumping beat just going till the end! my favs :) Just one more note... there are digital exclusive tracks of this ep (that means they don't come along when you buy the vinyl i think) "Bunt" and "Cold Hands" ends the album in the most deep and gentle way. That bass and those dark voices just tripping and tripping... but you can only get it by digital way... i have them so just ask for it

a1 - R u ok?
b1 - Indecision
b2 - Nugget

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Anonymous said...

must agree. . . R U OK. . is a fab tune . .

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