Marc Antona & Anthony Collins - Sharks

Anthony Collins and Marc Antona (two uprising french producers that had have great releases recently) got together and released an exclent ep. Sharks is a pure minimal track, with a nice step-by-step construction leading it to nice moments. Am/Pm is my fav, it has all those small ingridients that you need to build up a master piece of minimal techno. A great bassline along with some neurotic samples just bringing back some old school feelings. A nice ep, that can become the step forward, to bring these guys to the top names of minimal music. Release nr 2 of Micro-Fibres, a brand new french sublabel of Freak n' Chic.

a1 - Sharks
b1 - Am/Pm


Xikens said...

Nice EP...

MaTh said...

I want speak with you about a thing!
but i don't find a email contact

hugo said...

hi there, the email contact is in the bottom of the page:P



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