John Selway & Vincenzo - Dream Stealer Ep

Great release sended to me by Tailored Communication (electronic music tailored to fit),promoters of this excelent ep. I must confess i didn't knew John Selway but his qualitys along with Vincenzo ones are well shown in this album, minimal tech of top quality, and the Mull remix just keeps the flow going. Release nr 14 of CSM

Rls Notes:
"A side ‘Dream Stealer’ is techno at its most modern. Deep and expansive, it moves with an undercurrent of persuasive and confrontational energy. A fiery summer rhythm, the track comes to the boil with a climactic howl, progressing with an unrelenting stamina.
The B side remix by top tier Swedish techno producer Joel Mull takes a more concise route to the dance floor in combining the dark and flowing elements of the original with ghostly chimes and racing percussion."

a1 - Dream Stealer
b1 - Dream Stealer (Joel Mull remix)

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