Cold - Strobelight Netwoork Remixes Part II

Released in 1996, the original "Strobelight Newtork" has been declared as Eulberg's all time favourite! It's surely a classic and, this time, was remixed by Gabriel Ananda gathered with Dominik and also has a re-edition by Chris Wood. This one, in the B side presents a deep nice edition of the original one just keeping the feeling along the music with a great beat and a catching melody... ten minutes of a long passioned journey. The Ananda & Eulberg remix is more pumpy, a detroit style. Brilliant construction, introducing the music step by step ... beat, clicks and than the melody just comes from nothing.. and it goes on and on, unstopable. What else could you expect of a work made by two these guys about a music that they appreciate so much? ... released by Exacta.udio . Two amazing tracks, a must have Ep.

a1 - Strobelight Netwoork (Ananda & Eulberg remix)
b1 - Strobelight Netwoork (Chris Wood re-edit)

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