Exercise One - Darkstar Ep

Exercise One... hum?!
Here in Minimaland, we're considering the hipothesys of adopt them as one of our favourites Producers,lol! A new great release from time to time and "Hugo, what's this? - Exercise One, then Francis says - Them again.. and I think, what the f*ck! always these guys!" The truth is they're always a surprise.. Since "Flight Cancelled", a soft chain in melody that pulls you, I follow their work and the sensation they leave is that they're making their own way .
In this Ep, "Dark Star", the first track, Dark Star is a progressive Bassline from the beggining till the end but with that bass that conducts your body, and I just can't stop my body, even if it's a finger! At the middle of it, a reverbed sound beggins eating your brains and then a voice come to eat the rest :) But a very worked track, the estructures and schemes of the sounds make you enter in a spiral with no return. Great progressive track to "stick" an audience to a construction part in a set to build a "nirvana".

Now's the best part. The second Track, "Melting" is more soft without being softly. If you ear it in surround, the sounds came from everywhere. I just adore this track, for me one of the bests this year! I could describe it for you, but my feeling in this track is undescritible. If you hear it, you'll know why I'm saying this :P

It's progressive, it's technique, it's "Bassy", it's polyrithmic, it's MinimaL, it's techy... it's almost everything I desired in a Ep.
I'll give a 4.9 in a 5 scale for this one :)

Exercise One - Dark Star Ep [Mobilee #024]

Release: 28 May 2007

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hugo said...


great ep... just keeping it to the limits of pure dançable music

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