Marek Bois - Bed Bois Bloo Ep

After a long time Marek Bois is back, and I must say, in great shape. Release nr 15 on Rrygular and after the two awesome Ep's of "From Karaoke to Stardom" nothing better than listening this two musics.
The first one, "Bed Boi Pill", sends the listener to a soft mind trip, the same roughed bassline makes a presence 'till the end of the music, with some cuts and tiny variations from time to time to estimulate the presence in the music. At the same time, the mediums and the highs are perfectly sintonized with the music, always giving a "hand" when the bassline falls and seems to fail, giving a synchronized return, very soft, very worked.
"Keta-nina", is more of my kind. Starts with an endless loop, increases a tiny high sound (like a bee), then a clap joins and composes the trip. the bass form a delicious endless loop, that kind of sound that in a repetitive, but not anoying way, begins to work in your brains. You ask for more and at the same time want that to be like that forever. So, from this dear minimalander, you'll depreend that is one to keep the same cadency. Some shiny "games" with little sounds compose the work. And what a great work! It seems easy when sounds like this, but is not! Great "soft-hipnotic drive".
This is a release to shake the mind of those who "can hear", in the real acception of this word.
Keep the Bois cadency, I'll say!

a1 - Bed Boi Pill
b1 - Keta-Nina

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hugo said...

nice choice i must say:P

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