Exercise One - Darkstar Ep

Exercise One... hum?!
Here in Minimaland, we're considering the hipothesys of adopt them as one of our favourites Producers,lol! A new great release from time to time and "Hugo, what's this? - Exercise One, then Francis says - Them again.. and I think, what the f*ck! always these guys!" The truth is they're always a surprise.. Since "Flight Cancelled", a soft chain in melody that pulls you, I follow their work and the sensation they leave is that they're making their own way .
In this Ep, "Dark Star", the first track, Dark Star is a progressive Bassline from the beggining till the end but with that bass that conducts your body, and I just can't stop my body, even if it's a finger! At the middle of it, a reverbed sound beggins eating your brains and then a voice come to eat the rest :) But a very worked track, the estructures and schemes of the sounds make you enter in a spiral with no return. Great progressive track to "stick" an audience to a construction part in a set to build a "nirvana".

Now's the best part. The second Track, "Melting" is more soft without being softly. If you ear it in surround, the sounds came from everywhere. I just adore this track, for me one of the bests this year! I could describe it for you, but my feeling in this track is undescritible. If you hear it, you'll know why I'm saying this :P

It's progressive, it's technique, it's "Bassy", it's polyrithmic, it's MinimaL, it's techy... it's almost everything I desired in a Ep.
I'll give a 4.9 in a 5 scale for this one :)

Exercise One - Dark Star Ep [Mobilee #024]

Release: 28 May 2007


Marc Antona & Anthony Collins - Sharks

Anthony Collins and Marc Antona (two uprising french producers that had have great releases recently) got together and released an exclent ep. Sharks is a pure minimal track, with a nice step-by-step construction leading it to nice moments. Am/Pm is my fav, it has all those small ingridients that you need to build up a master piece of minimal techno. A great bassline along with some neurotic samples just bringing back some old school feelings. A nice ep, that can become the step forward, to bring these guys to the top names of minimal music. Release nr 2 of Micro-Fibres, a brand new french sublabel of Freak n' Chic.

a1 - Sharks
b1 - Am/Pm


SLG - Remixes Pt 1 EP / Remixes Pt 2 EP

What a producer! Since his Caffeine Ep on Trapez, sub label of Traum Schallplatten, I was cativated by Slg (or Lukasz Seliga, from Poland).
His work is awesome, and his recent release of "Invisible EP" on level records is such one more achievement in the consolidation of his quality and work as a minimal/techno producer. So, Trapez, a label with gaven proofs of quality and promoter of their "pearls", challenged some Producers to give their own perspective on Slg's work in Trapez. And the result is here to be seen (or even better, heard!).
This remixes are all good, they're from Caffeine Ep and Sleepless Ep but my fav* is the one from Oliver Hacke, that since his remix in Subject Carrier, Remixes [Trapez], is always in my consideration for a new remix. Cause I think he manages very well a remix, giving a new vision and breath in the music, leaving the sensation that the original producer wanted to make that!
All the remixes are a point ahead, and well worked on details and polyrythmic estructures. A very good Ep, my rate is 4.8 in a 5 scale!
Without any surprise, will shake some actuations from quite some reputed dj's and producers in this Summer party's. :P

Remix Pt 1 [Trapez #76]
a - Florian Meindl - Coffeine Rmx
b - Fülent Gürler - Rushhour Rmx

Remix Pt 2 [Trapez #77]
a - Sandiego - Rushhour Rmx
b1 - Oliver Hacke - Sleepless Rmx
b2 - Lärsson - Nine hours Rmx


John Selway & Vincenzo - Dream Stealer Ep

Great release sended to me by Tailored Communication (electronic music tailored to fit),promoters of this excelent ep. I must confess i didn't knew John Selway but his qualitys along with Vincenzo ones are well shown in this album, minimal tech of top quality, and the Mull remix just keeps the flow going. Release nr 14 of CSM

Rls Notes:
"A side ‘Dream Stealer’ is techno at its most modern. Deep and expansive, it moves with an undercurrent of persuasive and confrontational energy. A fiery summer rhythm, the track comes to the boil with a climactic howl, progressing with an unrelenting stamina.
The B side remix by top tier Swedish techno producer Joel Mull takes a more concise route to the dance floor in combining the dark and flowing elements of the original with ghostly chimes and racing percussion."

a1 - Dream Stealer
b1 - Dream Stealer (Joel Mull remix)


Gurtz - Plural

Label:Einmaleins Musik

a1 - Sum
a2 -
b1 -
b2 -


Marek Bois - Bed Bois Bloo Ep

After a long time Marek Bois is back, and I must say, in great shape. Release nr 15 on Rrygular and after the two awesome Ep's of "From Karaoke to Stardom" nothing better than listening this two musics.
The first one, "Bed Boi Pill", sends the listener to a soft mind trip, the same roughed bassline makes a presence 'till the end of the music, with some cuts and tiny variations from time to time to estimulate the presence in the music. At the same time, the mediums and the highs are perfectly sintonized with the music, always giving a "hand" when the bassline falls and seems to fail, giving a synchronized return, very soft, very worked.
"Keta-nina", is more of my kind. Starts with an endless loop, increases a tiny high sound (like a bee), then a clap joins and composes the trip. the bass form a delicious endless loop, that kind of sound that in a repetitive, but not anoying way, begins to work in your brains. You ask for more and at the same time want that to be like that forever. So, from this dear minimalander, you'll depreend that is one to keep the same cadency. Some shiny "games" with little sounds compose the work. And what a great work! It seems easy when sounds like this, but is not! Great "soft-hipnotic drive".
This is a release to shake the mind of those who "can hear", in the real acception of this word.
Keep the Bois cadency, I'll say!

a1 - Bed Boi Pill
b1 - Keta-Nina


Laps - Jolie

A great Ep, where the minimalist art compares itself a perfectionist element

Label: Smallville
Catalog#: SMALLVILLE 03

a1 - Fog Off
b1 - Jolie


Stephan Bodzin - Liebe Ist

Label: Herzblut
Catalog#: Herz 04

a1 - Liebe Ist
b1 - Mondfahrt

Cold - Strobelight Netwoork Remixes Part II

Released in 1996, the original "Strobelight Newtork" has been declared as Eulberg's all time favourite! It's surely a classic and, this time, was remixed by Gabriel Ananda gathered with Dominik and also has a re-edition by Chris Wood. This one, in the B side presents a deep nice edition of the original one just keeping the feeling along the music with a great beat and a catching melody... ten minutes of a long passioned journey. The Ananda & Eulberg remix is more pumpy, a detroit style. Brilliant construction, introducing the music step by step ... beat, clicks and than the melody just comes from nothing.. and it goes on and on, unstopable. What else could you expect of a work made by two these guys about a music that they appreciate so much? ... released by Exacta.udio . Two amazing tracks, a must have Ep.

a1 - Strobelight Netwoork (Ananda & Eulberg remix)
b1 - Strobelight Netwoork (Chris Wood re-edit)


Ambivalent - R u Ok?

I'm sorry to insist on presenting so many releases from m_nus... but they are unstopable. Ambivalent - new york city based - fits the labels performances. his music has been played by Hawtin's, Troy Pierce or Magda in the last few months. "R u Ok" ... is a great neurotic ride, full of dark and hypno feelings along with a great voice just giving the punch when it's needed. What a great music. "Nugget" is also a great music, acid reverbs and sweet pumping beat just going till the end! my favs :) Just one more note... there are digital exclusive tracks of this ep (that means they don't come along when you buy the vinyl i think) "Bunt" and "Cold Hands" ends the album in the most deep and gentle way. That bass and those dark voices just tripping and tripping... but you can only get it by digital way... i have them so just ask for it

a1 - R u ok?
b1 - Indecision
b2 - Nugget

minimize 07.5

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